Arizona RoofingToday I would like to discuss roofing Arizona.

One of the most neglected items in homeowner’s lives is their Arizona roofing. Roofing material has a life expectancy like any other household item. We pull into our driveways or garages and continue with our days without any consideration of the Arizona roof until there is a problem.

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We at Kodiak Industries understand that life pulls us in many different directions; none of these directions are to the roof, until the roofing material has failed. Roofing materials in Arizona takes a real beating because of Arizona’s extreme temperature changes and quite often neglect.

Arizona roofs are exposed to extreme temps, UV rays, hail, heavy winds. And many homes fall victim to out of control golf balls. Hail, blowing debris and golf balls very often crack tiles, slip tiles or tear shingles. This is where many problems begin for Roofing Arizona.

It is very common to not notice a slipped or cracked tile. Though it sounds insignificant, a cracked or slipped tile leads to water penetration to the hidden roofing material. Though the material is still designed to keep water from penetrating into your home. There are still nails penetrating the roof deck into the home. In addition, an older underlayment will begin to curl and will often direct water to other areas.

Blowing debris and tree debris are yet another cause for concern with roofing Arizona. Very often valleys and dead valleys get clogged with debris and water is not allowed to flow in the intended direction. When this debris collects it causes water to be redirected away from the valley metal. Then that is when we often see leaks into the home.

Cost-effective Arizona Roofing Solution

Kodiak Industries has an affordable yearly maintenance program for roofing in Arizona. Our yearly program helps homeowners avoid debris accumulation, cracked tiles, slipped tiles, torn shingles, shrunken mortar balls and other roofing issues that can become very costly, if not corrected. Kodiak’s yearly maintenance program also includes solar panel cleaning. You can learn more about preserving the longevity of your Arizona roof by calling Kodiak for a free estimate.

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